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sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

1 Free Love Spells - Charmed Solidarity

Free Love Spells - Charmed Solidarity
Charmed Solidarity

Free Love Spells 

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domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

Free Love Spells, Simple prayer to reinforce your spells

Simple prayer to reinforce your spells

Merciful God, I beg you listen to my request,and make it truemy spells have noble purposes and my prayer is sincerePlease grant and fulfill it with love.I trust in youAmen

Free Love Spells - To cleanse your aura

This is an easy spell and it does no and require any difficult knowledge. It may be used to cleanse the aura of a person, for good luck or to be protected.

To cleanse your aura

For this movement of energy we don’t need any specific moon phase. You need a bit more than a one-meter-long black thread from and a flame of fire.

You have to roll 50 centimeters of the black thread in each hand, leaving the rest between both hands.

Separate the hands until the thread is taut, without any excessive force. The person should be sat and you have to move your hands over their head three times.

Repeat the same movement to the right side and to the front. We could also use this same technique with the person lying down, moving the thread up and down over their body for about four inches (10 centimeters), while we see how we eliminate the negative vibes this person has.

Once you finish this, burn the thread in a flame of fire or cut it  with the flame of a white candle.

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Love Spells

A new embroidery needle yellow candle

If you wish to hear from someone, firmly push the needle into the center of an un-anointed yellow candle.
When the eye is flush with the wax, inscribe the persons name on the candle.
Concentrate on the person contacting you, and light the wick. Let the candle burn out.
The person usually calls before the candle burns half way.

You need a phone, 2 tarot cards: queen of cups and the lovers
Lay the lover on your phone and say:
May the one I love (name lover)
Then lay the queen of cups on your phone and say:
Contact me or reach me upon my work may none get hurt. Blessed Be

Find Something You Have Lost


Take an object from the area in which you lost the item and hold that item in your hands.
Carefully visualize the item you have lost and open your mind to the impressions that you
feel from the item that you are holding. After a while, you should be able to see the lost item
and see where it went to and how it got there. Remember NOT to cloud your vision with
preconceived thoughts of where and what happened to the item you are looking for.
Remember: An open mind sees more clearly than one "fogged" with "clouded" thoughts!

Spell to Find Lost Objets


Mirror Orange candle Black candle Small Magnet
Usual ritual requirements, such as incense, quarter candles, and athame.


First create the Circle and invoke the Elemental Guardians.
Raise a cone of power by chanting and drumming, or racing around the circle.
Then light a Black candle (for solving mysteries, and drawing away the negativeness of the loss),
an Orange candle (for luck and precious objects).
Visualize the lost objects in the mirror as already being found.
Place the magnet between the two candles and stroke it towards you as you recite this rhyme:
"By the wavering flame of this black light,
Grant to me of my jewelry a sight.
By the power of this orange flame,
Give me luck to find the same.
In this mirror the jewelry I see
Make the magnet draw them to me."
Substitute the name of the object for the word "jewelry". Say this three times.
Close the circle, but leave the candles burning with the magnet between them
until the candles burn down.

Soell For Contacting a Friend


This spell should be used to cause someone with whom you have lost contact to contact you.
It is not manipulation so much as an astral call for contact when you have no other way to
reach them that you know of.
You will need:
White candle anointed w/ sandalwood oil Sandalwood incense
photo of the person small glass of water salt
Light the white candle and the incense. Place the picture of the person on your altar.
Put 2 heaping tablespoons of salt in the palm of your right hand. Let a small amount of
salt trickle into the glass while making the sign of the equal armed cross of the elements.
Make this cross 3 times. Say " Call me" three times as you do this. Then set the glass on
the altar and say "Get in touch with me, please." They should contact you by the time
the water has evaporated from the glass.